Cat Problems in Daily Life

When we have cats in our home, it is not just peace and happiness. We have also problems and misunderstandings with our cats. Some simply resolved themselves. Others we should to work on and actively look for solutions.
In this post, I will share my experiences with such problematic interactions with cats. Maybe they will be helpful to you in similar situations. I must emphasize that I am not a veterinarian, a cat psychologist or a therapist. There are no generally applicable rules with cats. Instead, it always depends on the context, the cat(s) and the specific case. I myself have often consulted with professionals. With their support and my own experience, I have been able to resolve many problems with my cats.

My Cat Only Comes to Other Family Members, Never to Me

If your cat ever goes to only one person in the family, try dividing up the chores (feeding, playing, cleaning the kitty litter) among family members, so that the cat understands that they are loved by and can expect help from everyone in the family. And if your cat goes only to other family members and not to you, try to spend a few days alone with the cat and pay special attention to the cat in this time, play a lot and spend a lot of time with them. If you are lucky, you and your cat will have a much better relationship as a result.

My Cat Wakes Me Up Every Night

If your cat meows and wakes you up every night or very early in the morning, you can try changing its feeding time, too, and spend half an hour before bed together—play or cuddle for a bit. You, too, should stay consistent. Do not get up at three thirty to feed them (unless the cat is old or sick). I hope you will be as successful with this method as I am.

My Cat Is Too Fat

Do you have a fat cat? Neither diets nor visits to the vet help? Try to help your cat find an exciting activity, or a hobby. Play with them every day, or give them access to new rooms or to the garden. Or try a food dispensing toy or an activity board with lots of places to hide food or treats. Try filling an empty toilet paper roll with five to ten treats, and poke small holes in the roll so that the treats can fall out when your cat plays with it. Look online or in cat books for more examples. Everything that encourages your cat to be active and makes it harder for them to get to their food has a positive effect on your cat’s weight.

My Cat Bites and Scratches Me

If your cat bites and scratches you, try to be more patient and use very slow movements when you want to pet them or pick them up. Please consult a veterinarian, cat psychologist or therapist, as there are no universally valid rules. Give your cat time to get used to your hands (or gloves) and never use your hands as a biting or scratching toy.

My Cat Does Not Get Along with Other Cats

If your cats do not get along with each other, try separating them for a time and see if things improve. After a few weeks or months, you can try reintroducing them. Please consult a veterinarian, cat psychologist or therapist first. Many experts recommend proceeding in this order: First use scent (trade blankets and baskets, and try to produce a shared group smell), then sound (first through a closed door, then through a door that is slightly ajar), then sight (it is best to use a screen door, so that the cats can see, hear and smell each other, but cannot attack). You can then try to elicit good experiences by giving them food, treats and toys when they sit peacefully across from each other at the screen door without demonstrating aggressive behavior. If everything goes well, you can open the screen door under your supervision for a little while every day. But please be patient and be prepared for the possibility that it might not go well.

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