Top 8 Cat Breeds Who Love Water

You might believe that cats hate water, but it’s not always true. There are some cats that can swim and love the water. Discover now! Top 8 cat breeds who just love water and enjoy swimming.

1- Turkish Van Cat

cats that can swim
(Picture Credit: Sergio Amiti/Getty Images)

This cat breed is known in Turkey as “the swimming cat” because of its strange water infatuation. They come from the region of Lake Van, known for temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in the summer.

Nowadays, most Turkish Van cats are indoor cats, you will probably see them playing with their water bowls or jumping up on the sides of the bath or toilet.

2- Turkish Angora Cat

cats that can swim
(Picture Credit: Instants/Getty Images)

This cat breed descended from fish-hunting Turkish cats and that’s the reason why they are fascinated by water. Turkish Angora cats love water and they will like to join you while taking a bath.

Turkish Angora cats are known worldwide for their long, silky white coat, but you can find Turkish Angora cats with many more colors than the white.

3- Savannah Cat

cats that can swim

This cat breed is the result of a cross between domestic cats and the Serval, a medium-sized wild cat. It’s a new breed that just appeared in the 1990s, they got a formal recognition in 2001 from the Cat Fancier’s Association. Most Savannah cats love water, play with it or even go with their owners for a swim or bath.

If you have a Savannah cat in your house, so be ready to watch it bat at its water dish.

4- Manx Cat

cats that can swim

The Manx is an island cat, its origin from the Isle of Man off the shore of Britain. So, It’s common to find them in their water dish dabbling their paws. They can even join you in the shower.

Their coat can be both short or long and in many colors and patterns.

5- Abyssinian Cat

cats that can swim

They have an uncommon affinity for water, which is opposed to most house cats, so a bigger water bowl or one that automatically refills is perfect. If you don’t know how to entertain your Abyssinian, you can just set it next to a dripping faucet and watch it swat at the drops.

Don’t be amazed when your Abyssinian learns to turn the faucet on.

6- Norwegian Forest Cat

cats that can swim

This magnificent feline is known in Norway as the “skogkatt” (or forest cat), where it also has the honor to be the official cat breed of the country.

The Norwegian Forest Cats are known to be both birds, rodents and fish great hunters.

Their dense and thick coats help them to preserve body heat when swimming in cold water.

7- Bengal Cat

cats that can swim

This cat has the appearance of a wild cat, they were the result of Centuries of breeding Asian Leopard Cats with domestic felines. That’s the reason behind the Bengal’s love of water.

Moreover, you can provide a lot of entertainment to you your Bengal cat if you let her join you in the bath, especially if you throw a few toys in that bath.

8- Maine Coon Cat

cats that can swim

The Maine coon is a cat breed that loves the water because of its maritime ancestry. This kind of cat was used to catch mice on ships and that’s why if you have this type of breed in your house, you will notice that the Maine Coon will do whatever it takes to get its paws on water.

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