Tiger Cat or Toyger: A Domestic Tiger Breed

1- Tiger Cats

Toyger cat
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Tiger cat is another exotic cat breed such as the Savannah cat. A lot of people may believe that to create a striped, exotic tiger kitty, tigers can be crossbred with domestic cats. But tiger cats of that nature don’t exist in the domestic world. However, there are some breeds of cats that earn them the name tiger cat.

2- Domestic Tiger Cat: The Toyger

toyger cat
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A breeder based in Los Angeles and called Judy Sugden has been planning to create a domestic tiger cat breed since the 1980s. She wanted a domestic cat that resembled a tiger, and the result is the endearingly named Toyger. This kind of cats began with the breeding of domestic shorthair cats with striped tabby patterns and Bengal cats. The Bengal cats were chosen because of their fur patterns.

The mix of the tabby stripes and the spots of Bengal cats capture the pattern of a striped tiger. Many breeders are now available for these tiger cats. Although the Toyger line is still being refined, TICA already recognizes them as a championship breed.

So, if you like a tiger cat’s idea minus a wild cat’s actual lineage like a tiger, the Toyger is the best breed to consider!

3- Tabby Cats: The Original Tiger Cat

domestic tiger cat breed

There is a doubt that Tiger has been named for many striped tabby cats. Because of their striped fur pattern, tabby cats are often nicknamed tiger cats.

Tabby cats are not their own breed of cats, but rather a kind of pattern that may appear on their fur. One of the closest things to getting your own tiger cat would be an orange tabby cat.

4- Large Cat Breeds That Resemble Tigers

domestic tiger cat breed

There are a lot of cat breeds that look like a tiger. For someone searching for a tiger cat and if the Toyger is out of the question, a Bengal cat would be a great choice.

Bengal cats are very intelligent and very good at learning tricks. They can learn how to open doors, turn light switches on and off. The pattern of their coat may be reminiscent of a leopard, which was initially bred with domestic cats to create the Bengal cat.

5- Can A Tiger Be A Pet?

domestic tiger cat breed

A Tiger can’t be a pet. Keeping a tiger as a pet is extremely dangerous, because tigers are wild animals, they aren’t domesticated cats. Even the most “tame” of tigers have attacked their owners.

Most states don’t allow keeping tigers as pets. So, if you really want a tiger cat, you can try one of the domesticated cats listed above.

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