Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds! Know Them Now

We all like cute cats and we enjoy watching them doing silly things, they are so adorable and amusing. So, check out the top 10 cutest and funny cat breeds, learn what makes all people love them and find out which of these adorable cats might be ideal for you.

Maine Coon Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Maine coon cat

Maine coon is one of the most cutest and popular cat breeds which is known worldwide for its giant size. It is known also for being quiet, tolerant, fluffy and friendly. If you have a dog or any other pet in your house, don’t worry, the Maine coon get along well with other pets and also with kids. In addition to its beautiful look, the Maine coon is an excellent catcher for the mouse.

British Shorthair Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds British shorthair cat

The British Shorthair are quiet, dignified and cute cats. Their gentle trait makes them an outstanding feline companion, even if they don’t like being carried around. The British Shorthair cat has a soft coat, round face and a charming and faithful character.

Bengal Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds bengal cat

Bengals are another cute cat breed that looks like a wild cat because of their distinctive stripes and rosettes, but they are domesticated as any other house cat. Bengals are playful and energetic cats, they love to climb to the highest point in any room. Bengals are excellent entertainment sources. Their intelligence and curiosity are one of the main characteristics that makes them so special as companions.

Munchkin Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Munchkin cat

Munchkin cats are cute and loving, they are known by their small stature and short legs. These cute cats have playful personalities and they can display a variety of coat patterns, they are known also as magpies, so don’t be surprised when they borrow a piece of jewelry. Despite of their short legs, they can run fast and they get well with other cats.

Siamese Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Siamese cat

The Siamese cats are not only cute and adorable, but also intelligent, playful, cyrious and they are highly active. So, if you are looking for a quiet companion, you should look for another cat breed. Siamse can be a little bit annoying and they love to be engaged in your activities. Having a Siamese at your house is like living with extremely active children. This type of cats needs a lots of attention and care and they are good family pets.

Persian Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds persian cat

Many people believe that Persian cat is the most cuts cat because of its gentle characteristic and lovely look. These beautiful white cats have long fur, which requires some additional grooming. It is known also for its calm and sweet voice.

Ragdoll Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll is also an interesting cat breed that known for being friendless to human, that’s why they are good family pets. They usually stick with the owners and they like being around people and other pets. So, there is no problem if you have a dog or any other pet. Another characteristic that makes them special is their blue eyes and fluffy coat.

Scottish Fold Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Scottish fold cat

Scottish Fold is one of the most cute cats because of its distinctive curled ears. These cute cats are known also fo being curious and friendly, and they love joining people in their activities. The reason why they make such a great family pets.

Birman Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Birman cat

The Birman is one of America’s most popular cat breeds because of its white body fur and blue eyes. This adorable cat breed is intelligent and tend to be very calm and quiet but it loves people and it displays a nice and agreeable personality.

Russian Blue Cat

top 10 cutest cat funny cat breeds Russian Blue cat

The Russian Blue cat is recognizable by its silver coat and beautiful green eyes. They usually tend to be quiet and gentle. They are famous also by looking always smiling because of a slight upturn in their mouths.

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