Should I Feed my Cat a Wet or Dry Food?

When you bring home a cat it can be difficult to choose the right food, there are so many options. you have to choose from a variety of different types of foods and flavors and the most common problem that face loving cat owners is to whether they should feed a dry or wet food. So, if you’ve wondered which is better a dry or a wet cat food, here’s what you need to know so you can decide what’s better.

Most veterinarians would probably recommend a mix of dry and wet food, and from my own experience with my cats, i think that both choices are excellent sources of nutrition and there are benefits to each type of food, but the best option may be to feed your cat both.

Dry Cat Food

The dry food does a good job at scraping the teeth, which prevents a bit of dental disease. Moreover, it’s less expensive than wet food and can easily stored for longer periods, also you can leave it out in a bowl for your cat to nibble on throughout the day. but, there is something you have to consider with dry food is that it’s going to be much more compressed and calorie dense, so it’s going to cause your cat to become overweight more than feeding a wet food, which means that you need to use a weight management tool to make sure that your cat is not getting too overweight because that causes a lot of diseases.

Wet Cat Food

On the other hand, the wet food has a lot of moisture in it and that’s really important for cats because cats later in life are prone to kidney disease and food with much higher water content is healthy for their kidneys, as well as wet cat food can help the cat to stay hydrated if she has other health problems.However, wet food costs more than the dry food, and there is also the problem of handling. Some people don’t like to deal with wet food and having to leave wet cans in the fridge. If it’s not wrapped well, it will lose some of its flavor, some of its smell as it gets oxidized, so handling can be more difficult for owners and you may not want to go with it for that reason.

Finally, each type of food has his own advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice is to feed your cat the dry and the wet food, so it can enjoy the benefits of both kinds, but it is certainly wise to consult your veterinarian, because he or she may have specific reasons for recommending a specific type of food based on your cat’s health.

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