5 Tips For a Happy Cat in Happy Cat Month : September

September, the Happy Cat Month! For every cat owner and all people who don’t know it. September is the month when we celebrate our beautiful furry friends and attempt to make them happy. It’s true that we should always make our cats happy, but it’s also a great idea to try fresh stuff this month with your cat.

happy cat month

Learn the best ways to celebrate Happy cat month with your cat.

1- Learn New Tricks

A lot of people are amazed and shocked when they find out that cats can do tricks. With just some easy clicker training, your cat will absolutely like the mental stimulation of learning and working for food.

It’s all about reinforcement, for more information about clicker training tricks, check here!

2- Let Your Cat Hunt

Even if your cats eat out of a bowl, that doesn’t mean they can use their natural hunting instincts. The Happy Cat Month is the best time to let your cat enjoy tracking down and hunting its food, by using a toy that let you conceal the dry food of your cat. Moreover, by doing this you can avoid the destructive behaviors of your cat and also boredom.

3- The Importance Of Boxes

happy cat month

All cats like to hide in boxes and there is a whole study that shows how boxes can help to alleviate stress in your cat and also help cats to recover faster. So, the best thing to do for your cat in this Happy Cat Month is to provide boxes for your lovely cat.

For more details about the study, check here.

4- Stay Healthy

happy cat month

Some people think that some extra treats can make their cats happy, especially we are in the Happy Cat Month (September), but be careful Cats obesity is a big problem and it’s all your fault if your cat is very fat. A happy cat means a healthy cat, so keep in mind the correct amount of food you should feed your cat.

You can read more about choosing the healthy food for your cat here.

5- Respect Your Cat Territory

happy cat month

Cats like all other pets need an area they could think of as their own. If you don’t give them their own space, Cats tend to mark their territory, which is not good for the house cleanliness and smell. So, make sure to provide your cat with its own area and don’t forget the litter box.

The Happy Cat Month is the best opportunity to spend time with our furry friend and build a great relationship with them.

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