How Clean Are Cats Paws?

Have you ever wondered How clean are cats? How clean are cats paws? If you are a cat owner you probably do because your cat can just jump into your kitchen counters, your cat can walk above the dining room table.

Every day, your cat goes to the litter box, walk in it. Moreover, cats like all other pets can cover their business up before they leave. So, if you are wondering how dirty or how clean are your cat’s paws? and what should you do to stay sanitary? Just read the following tips!

1- How Clean Are Your Cat’s Paws?

 how clean are cats paws

Cats are famous for bathing themselves and staying clean. But, walking in their litter box and on a dirty floor is still a reality.

Cats usually clean their paws after using the litter, so you don’t have to worry about fecal matter being stuck under the cat’s toe.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know for sure that before jumping on your counters, your cat cleaned their paws. However, you can rest assured knowing that during half of their waking hours, cats clean themselves.

2- You Should Keep Your Counters Clean

 how clean are cats paws

Regardless of how many times your cat cleans itself, you may not want to depend exclusively on your cat to make sure that the places where you prepare your food and where you eat are clean.

Therefore, it’s excellent practice to always clean your kitchen counters before preparing any meals.

3- Are Dirty Cat Paws Dangerous?

 how clean are cats paws

Toxoplasmosis is a bacterial illness observed in cat feces and also discovered in certain meats, unpasteurized milk, and unwashed fruit and vegetables. Sometimes, the disease can cause flu-like symptoms and birth defects if a woman becomes infected during pregnancy for the first time.

You may get infected if the kitchen counters, knives or cutting boards come into touch with something that has the bacteria on it.

You should frequently wash your counters, utensils, and cut boards, because the disease may come from a cat jumping with contaminated paws on your counter, or even an unwashed fruit touching your counter.

4- Clean Your Cat’s Paw

 how clean are cats paws

When your cat gets a bit of litter or feces stuck on their paw, you nead to clean your cat’s paw, and you can do that using a damp washcloth or a special cat bathing wipe that you can just buy from a pet store.

5- Using A Litter Mat

 how clean are cats paws

To avoid the problems of dirty cat paws you can use a litter mat. Put it outside the litter box, so when your cat leaves the box, it has to walk through it. These litter mats are usually designed to help pull away litter lodged in your cat’s paws.

6- How to Clean a Cat’s Paw?

are cat paws dirty
  1. Use a damp cloth or pet wipes: Most cats don’t want to jump into a full bath or just dip their paws into the water. So, we should always try to see if the trick could be done with damp clothes or pet wipes. By doing this we can all avoid the drama that comes with real open water.
  2. Check for debris, cuts, etc: Cats love roaming adventures wherever their paws take them. So, a complete examination of their paws while cleaning is considered crucial. See if there’s anything you need to call your vet for, like cuts or sores. Do not extract foreign objects that are stuck in your cat’s paw by yourself under any circumstances, because this could do more harm than good.
  3. If damp wipes don’t cut it, a bath should: If the paws of your cat still seem to stink after a thorough cleaning with damp clothes, then it is time for a quick bath. However, if you’re sure the paws are the only problem, you can restrict it to a paw bath – less squirming and drama. Make a water-shampoo solution where you can dip the paws of your cat – We also have a guide on How To Bath A Cat – Then, thoroughly massage the paws, making sure that you even get the spaces between those toes. After that, run your cat’s paws in running water to rinse the shampoo. Then, dry as much as you can the paws of your cat.
  4. Cut your cat’s nails: Longer nails mean that debris and feces are more likely to get stuck. So, for keeping your cat’s paws clean for longer periods, grab a nail clipper and get your cat used to shorter nails.

Clip a cat’s nails is not something easy, especially because cats have nerves that can hit and it can hurt them very badly. For help, you may refer to this video:

7- How to Keep Your Cat’s Paws Clean?

are cat paws dirty

Cleaning and bathing your cat everyday, could be stressful for you and also for your cat. So, the best thing is to look for a long-term solution that will help and prevent the paws of your cat from becoming very dirty:

  • Get a litter mat: This is an important tip to prevent your cat paws from getting very dirty and that’s why we mention it two times in this article. Cats use their paws to hide the waste. This is where feces get stuck in the paws of your kitty, and then they go on to spread it all over the house. But, having a litter mat will decrease the chances of this happening, because your cat would have to step on the mat and shed most of the waste before even getting out of the litter box.
  • Cat scratching posts and cat condos: Your cat’s paws can get dirty when they scratch surfaces like tree barks and even your furniture at home. So, get your cat’s scratching posts and cat lounges to keep their paws healthy rather than dirtying them.

8- Other Cat Paw Care Tricks

are cat paws dirty
  • Regularly visit the groomer: Long-haired cats need to visit the groomer more frequently than short-hairs. Some cats have hair or fur poking out of their paws. These might be very uncomfortable and hard to clean, so talk to the groomer about cutting it.
  • Ask your vet for a moisturizer prescription: Both cats and dogs can benefit from a good paw moisturizer. Ask your veterinarian for a prescription!
  • Minimize outdoor time: Outdoors, there are loads of dirt and foreign elements that can lodge into the paws of your cat and make them dirty. So, if your cat is completely happy to stay indoors, there is no need to explore outside!

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