How To Show Your Cats You Love Them

Finding methods to interact efficiently with your furry friend is one of the most important things about being a cat parent. All cat owners want their cats to know how much they love them.

But unfortunately, they can’t speak the same language. Today, we will show every cat owner the best ways to show your cats you love them.

So, if you are a cat parent and you’re wondering about how to show your cats love that they can understand. Just read the following tips.

1- Nose-To-Tail Rubs

how to show your cats you love them

If you are a cat owner you probably noticed that your cats jumped on your leg and rubbed themeselves from nose to tail. This is not only about feeling good, it’s their way of rubbing off their scent on you and claiming you as their own.

how to show your cats you love them

So, if you want to show your cats you love them, the first thing to do is to show them that you are pleased and you are happy when they are trying to rub themselves with your leg and also you should give them all the nose to tail rubs they need.

2- Slow Blinks And Head Bonks

how to show your cats you love them

Head bunting is not only a scent marking, but it’s also a way that cats use to demonstrate affection and respect even in the wild. In this way, your cat shows you that she trusts you. We can say the same thing about slow blinking. If your cat is prepared to slowly close its eyes in front of you. That means your cat feels comfortable.

You can do the same thing and return all these signs of trust and affection to your cat. Present your forehead for a few smooth bonks and blink your eyes slowly. By doing this your cat will definitely get the message.

3- Take A Cat Nap

how to show your cats you love them

If your cat usually sleeps around you, it is a sign that your cat trusts and loves you. It’s also a sign that your cat sees you as a protector and it feels safe and secure near you.

You don’t have to share your bed with your cat every day, but it is good to do it from time to time because that will let your cat feels the love knowing that you both trust each other.

4- Start training your cat

how to show your cats you love them

Cats are trainable and they can get bored if they aren’t trained for a long time. Moreover, the mental stimulation is very important for your cat and also training your cat will help you strengthen the bond and the relationship between you and your lovely kitty, which means your cat will be feeling your love.

5- Learn Their Language

how to show your cats you love them

When your cat shows you it’s belly that doesn’t always mean that she needs a belly rub. It can be just a sign that she is comfortable around you.

So, understanding how your cat communicates can help you to know what she wants and what she says, which means you will know when she is stressed and you can be able to help your cat to distress.

In general, understanding your cat will help you to show love to your cat and can make your kitty seeing you as a protector and a friend.

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