September Is Happy Cat Month!

September is Happy Cat Month, and it’s certainly a celebration time. Today we’re going to share with all cat owners the best things to do, so they can celebrate Happy Cat Month with their furry friends and they make sure their cats are happy and healthy.

1- Buy New Toys

happy cat month

A new toy is one of the simplest ways to make your cat happy, and you’re not obliged to buy an expensive toy from the pet store, just an empty box or a paper sack can make your cat very happy.

2- Start Training Your Cat

happy cat month

Start training your cat is another way to keep your furry friend happy and entertained. This can help also to build a bond between you and your lovely cat.

3- Take Your Cat To The Vet

happy cat month

A healthy cat is a happy cat. Happy cat month is the best time for a check-up, even if cats actually don’t seem happy when they visit the vet, but make sure to take your cat to the vet because that can prevent medical problems in the future.

4- Provide Scratching Posts

happy cat month

Scratching is a key element of cat behavior. Cats must be permitted to stretch and take care of their claws. So, providing your cat with a long scratching post is another way to keep your cat happy and entertained.

5- Think About Getting Another Cat

happy cat month

One thing all cat owners should keep in mind is that cats are social animals, they need another cat to play with. So, you need to think of visiting the shelter and adopting ana best friend for your current cat. That will make your cat happy.

Learn more ways to make your cat happy in Happy Cat Month!

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