Time For Back to School? Don’t Forget your cat!

Back to school can be exciting for your kids, but for your cat, that can be very upsetting because of the change in the family routine. Here are the steps for ease back to school transition for your cat.

1- Get Your Cat Used To Being Alone

During the months of summer, your cat gets used to the company of your kids, but the sudden separation during the time of school can cause a serious problem and anxiety in your cat. To avoid this state, you should start leaving your lovely cat alone at home for short periods before school starts. By doing this for a couple of weeks your cat gets used to being alone and you guarantee that this transition can be ease for your cat.

2- Provide Entertainment For Your Cat

Back To School Mode with your cat

You should give your cat entertainment by offering a lot of toys during your absence to keep it busy. Another excellent option is to set up a kitty perch close a window for your cat to enjoy the excellent outdoors from the inside.

3- Set Up a Playtime For The Kids and Your Cat

Back to school mode with your cat

As stated before, the sudden transition in the family routine can be stressful for your cat, particularly if you used your cat to play in the backyard during the summer with your children. So, it is great to set up a new playtime for your kids and your cat.

4- Get Your Cat Used to School Supplies

back to school mode with your cat

All pets are cautious of new things, especially cats, and I mean by new things books and the different stuff dedicated to school. Cats may convey their disapproval in destructive ways. So, It is necessary to rub the scent of your cat on all the new things to avoid any problems, and you can do that by wiping the mouth of your cat with a rag and then rub the rag on the new things.

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