Stray Cat Found Help Just In Time for Her 8 Kittens – She Can’t Stop Purring

A stray cat mother was so pleased, after that she was rescued with her eight kittens from an uncertain fate.

In Houston, Texas, a stray cat was found and taken to a local shelter mid-July, because she was skin and very pregnant. One day after her arrival, they took her to a labor where she gave birth to eight kittens. The shelter couldn’t keep them because of the limited resources, but the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMFR) in Denver, Colorado, offered to take them immediately.

The cat mom and her eight kittens made their journey to their new foster home in Denver. Because of the litter, some kittens were more vulnerable and required extra care. A foster volunteer of RMFR called Laine said that she was worried that the cat mother wouldn’t be able to take care of them all.

The cat mother whom they named Joan, leaned over to Laine for some pets when she arrived. With her paws, she kneaded the air and she rumbled with her lovely, sweet purrs.

Laine said that Joan was very happy to be safe and have a space to herself, Laine said also that she was sweet as pie when she came home.

Laine provided supplemental feedings for smaller kittens and she has to pay attention to their weights. With all this effort the family of nine survived and began to thrive.

Mama Joan snuggles up to Laine whenever she enters the room, stretching her little toes in pure bliss while getting head scratches.

When the time comes for the foster room to be cleaned and vacuumed, the cat mom keeps her babies in a safe place and covers them with her body until the cleaning is finished. Then she takes them back to their comfortable nest, one by one.

The cat mom found help in time so all her kittens would survive, and she hasn’t stopped purring ever since.

You can watch Mama Joan and her kittens in this cute video:

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